Friday, August 29, 2008

HowTo: Widescreen resolutions on Enemy Territory

One of the most often technical questions posed on ET servers are "How do I get ET to use a widescreen resolution?" "I have an new monitor but ET sucks on it. How do I fix it?".

ET, Quake 3, SOF2, RTCW, RTCW-demo and Tremulous use the same game engine, more precisely Quake 3's engine. So the bellow instructions also apply to those games.

Assuming you using a 19" monitor with a native resolution of 1440x900, add the following cvars to your autoexec.cfg:
set r_mode "-1"
set r_customwidth "1440"
set r_customheight "900"
If your want a different resolution change the r_customheight and r_customwidht accordingly, e.g. on a 22" monitor with a native resolution of 1680x1050 you'd get r_customwidth "1680" and r_customheight "1050".

In alternative type the above commands in ET's console. Pull the console by pressing \ on an European keyboard or press ~ if you are using an US keyboard (or run the game under Linux or BSD).

When typing on the console make sure that there is a \ before typing or else when you hit enter it will come out as global chat instead of a command. Also when using the console there is no need for set or the ". A simple vid_restart command will get you up and running with the new resolution.

In a future post I'll explain the purpose of autoexec.cfg which is one of the cornerstones of setting up a proper config and scripting.

Happy frags. :D

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Anonymous said...

For true 16:10 wide angle view use also /cg_fov 100.39, it's recalculated from 90 for 4:3 monitor.