Friday, April 24, 2009

HowTo: Enemy Territory on Gentoo Linux

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free multiplayer FPS that takes place in the World World II pitting two teams (Allies and Axis) against each other for victory.

In this post I'll detail the steps required to install and update Enemy Territory, the ET Pro mod, PunkBuster and XQF on Gentoo Linux.

1) Install and update Enemy Territory

Become the superuser:
$ su
And emerge the needed package:
# emerge enemy-territory
The game's License Agreement will appear to which you must press the q key so that the following prompt appears:
Do you accept the terms of this license (RTCW-ETEULA)? [yes/no]
Type yes.

Now start the game, create a player profile and quit. By doing so a .etwolf directory will be created in your home directory which includes a folder containing PunkBuster.

Inside the game you can check the installed version by pulling the console down by pressing ~ and typing version. It should output the following:
"version" is:"ET 2.60 linux-i386 Mar 10 2005" default:"ET 2.60 linux-i386 Mar 10 2005"
2) Install the ET Pro mod

To do so run:
# emerge enemy-territory-etpro
Now ET Pro will show under the Mods options in the games' main menu.

3) Update PunkBuster

Point to scroll down and follow the Linux download to download PunkBuster update application.

Change directory to where you've downloaded the and:
# su
# chmod +x
# exit
$ cp ~/.etwolf/pb
$ ./
PunkBuster will ask to fetch updates and prompt for a License Agreement. Afterwards point to "Add a Game option", choose Enemy Territory and its installation path (/opt/enemy-territory).

On the main PunkBuster window click on Enemy Territory to select it and press "Check for Updates". Quit PunkBuster after updating it.

4) Install XQF

To browse and filter server I recommend installing and using the XQF Game Server Browser:
$ su
# emerge xqf
XQF will identify the installed Enemy Territory so select the game and press "Update" to have XQF pull an updated server list.

I tend to play on by server ;)

5) Fix sound issues

ET uses Linux's OSS sound infrastructure so you might come across issues. If so please consult the Gentoo Linux Alsa Guide.

And we're done! See you on the battlefield :D

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