Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tip: Fix portaudit database error

I use portaudit to check installed packages on my FreeBSD systems for knwon vulnerabilities. However the tool behaved quite ackwardy today.

By running:
  • # portaudit -Fda
It outputed:
auditfile.tbz 100% of 53 kB 56 kBps
portaudit: Database too old.
Old database restored.
portaudit: Download failed.
The workaround was posted on freebsd-questions mailing list and consists of editing portaudit's configuration file and changing the mirror address:
  • % su
  • # cp /usr/local/etc/portaudit.conf.sample /usr/local/etc/portaudit.conf
  • # vim /usr/local/etc/portaudit.conf
  • # portaudit -Fda
In a couple of days the mirror issues should be fixed so by then you can revert to the default portaudit_sites="".

For more info have a look at portaudit's man page and at