Friday, April 13, 2012

HowTo: Get etkey and Punbuster files on Enemy Territory

As of October 2011 EvenBalance ended it's Punkbuster support for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. As such, fresh installs of Enemy Territory are without the required etkey file and new Punkbuster GUID aren't generated.

What does this mean to the end user?

On a fresh install you'll need:
  1. etkey
  2. updated Punkbuster files
To circumvent these issues the community came up with the following solutions:
  1. point to, press the Get an ETKEY button, download the file and place it in ~/.etwolf/etmain/
  2. download the last up to date Punkbuster files from here, extract the files and placed them in a directory named pb in ~/.etwolf/
I'll update or create HowTo on how to install and setup Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in a near future.

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