Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tip: Scroll console output on FreeBSD

People coming from Linux will find that they can't scroll back through the console output the same way on FreeBSD.

In FreeBSD you need to press "Scroll Lock" and use the arrow keys, PageUp and PageDown to be able to scroll backwards and forwards the console output. To go back to the prompt press "Scroll Lock" again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Was needing that last night. Finally, I now know a use for Scroll Lock.

tangram said...

Glad it helped. And it sure is useful ;)

Anonymous said...

On my machine I found that pressing Shift + PgUp (or Shift + PgDn) allows scrolling. I am running OpneBSD 4.9 with KSH shell v5.2.14. It's installed inside a VM, and the host is a Lenovo x201 laptop.